Crystal sessions (individual)

The sessions are a combination of psychotherapy accompanied with the  use of basic crystals. Since crystals are widely used in jewellery making and healing, they are well-known items which you can easily purchase in your local shop or on trusted crystal sites.   

My guided therapy uses the psychodynamic approach that focuses on discovering inner drives and mechanisms, and then developing self-awareness and understanding of the physical, emotional, mental influences on the personality and the behaviour. The practical effect of crystals in these therapies accelerates the process itself. It helps recover childhood memories, reach early experiences and feel inner blockages in a clearly perceivable way - temporary pain in the stomach, images that describe complex emotional reactions. Crystals are also beneficial in releasing tension, and calming your mind and body. 

An individual therapy requires commitment after the first 2-3 bookings and it is recommended to commit for around 8-10 sessions. The normal pace is one session per week, if necessary, two sessions per week.  

Each session is a 50-minute Skype call (video).                                    

Step by step guide

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 Crystal learning groups 

This option is for those who have already learnt about the use of crystals and want to add some advanced techniques to their practices, or it is for complete beginners who are interested in crystals.

It is necessary to have first-hand experience with the basics if you choose to join the advanced group. If you experience burning sensation in your palm or strong-tingling-interesting feeling in your body when using crystals, then you can join a beginner's group:

Crystal group for beginners