My name is Andrea and I am living in the south of Spain. This magical place radiates positive and uplifting vibes that support my health and crystal sessions.

I grew up in Central Europe, lived and worked in my country for years, enjoyed its warmth and melancholy. Then travelled around the continent to see more of it, and visited Nepal. I knew that this was a turning point on my lifepath. It was different in every possible way from what I understood as reality. It was the place that caught me like a magnet and taught me about the hidden mechanism of energies. Then I did some more travels in Wales, Scotland and Cornwall. Visiting these mystical places felt closer to my heart than the spirit of Asia. I got immediately attracted to the nature, the seaside, the people of these lands and their belief in elemental creatures and crystals. In Wales I gained much practical knowledge about crystals, stones and crystal tuners. They proved to be powerful, efficient and beneficial in my health sessions.

Moving to Spain is my conscious choice of a healthy and happy Iifestyle. Life by the Mediterranian Sea has its own magic - it has an amazing climate, radiating sunny days, the ever blue sky, and the calming seaside - all creating a crystal clear horizon for those living by the coast.  

offer online individual health sessions and crystal sessions for individuals and groups. In my health sessions I work with the psychodynamic approach.   

Health sessions   

The crystal sessions are a combination of psychodynamic help and the beneficial effect of basic crystals (clear quartz and amethyst). It is for those who are interested in the balancing and healing effects of crystals used in a guided way - and for those who need more support when dealing with inner blockages, anxiety and imbalance. 

Crystal sessions