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Please, take a look at my pictures and check out the sessions I offer. You will find all the information you need - how to get in touch with me, how my health therapies can help you and how to book your first appointment.

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Each page on my site has a well-balanced picture taken of the Mediterranian seaside. Take your time and enjoy the calming touch of the water and its magical impact on your emotional and mental balance.                                                         

I hope you can benefit from the positive vibration I have created - that is why these pictures are here.

About Me  



I offer health sessions and crystal sessions on this site as well as crystal group sessions.

The health sessions are guided psychotherapies, the crystal sessions are a combination of psychotherapy and the beneficial use of crystals during the therapy process.  

If you are already familiar with crystals or want to know how they are used to improve your emotional and mental health:

Crystal sessions