Health sessions - The psychodynamic approach

My health sessions are a guided psychotherapy using the psychodynamic approach. This method focuses on discovering inner drives and mechanisms, and then developing self-awareness and understanding of the physical, emotional, mental influences on the personality and the behaviour. It transforms childhood memories and early experiences as well as inner emotional and mental blockages into a more comprehensible experience. It helps to understand the past, if necessary, and offers a new perspective on the present paving the way to solutions and new opportunities.

During the sessions the so called ego-defences play an important role. They are present in the personality and influence communication itself. It is essential to accept and work on your own resistance to keep the process going.   



Practical details

                                                                                An individual psychotherapy requires commitment after the first 2-3 bookings and it is recommended to commit for around 8-10 sessions. After this period you can pause for a couple of weeks or commit for another 8-10 sessions and continue with the process.              The normal pace is one session per week - if necessary, two sessions per week can support a more intense process.                                  Each session is a 50-minute long Skype call (video). 

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Health sessions for young people (aged 20-25)

The sessions are based on the psychodynamic approach, but instead of discovering the inner drives in the personality, the method is more geared towards finding practical solutions and the tools in reaching your sense of balance.                                  

It is important to first find out what health means for you, and then understand how vital balance is in your life. You will then see how you can change your life to achieve what we can call health-and-balance.